Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Sale!

I made another sale!! BOOYA! 
A lovely lady that I know from church asked me to make her two nappy pouches to use for her little girls... She chose the fabrics she wanted and the style of pouch and then I made them! It was a simple as that! 

After the floods stunted my progress for several weeks, and a hitch or two with my sewing, but Im happy to say that they are off to their new home via express post! And will hopefully arrive very soon and be satisfactory! 

Alright, as for my boo boo... I had just finished sewing the pouch and went to turn it in the right way and zip it up only to discover to my utter horror that I had sewn the zip in upside down... sigh... I had no more fabric to do another pouch nor did I have another zip... Oh my... What to do?? I unpicked it all of course... there was nothing else I could do. 

I felt so silly!! Felt so DAFT!! lol! 

Anyways... Its done...

TTFN... Trystan... 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

QLD Floods

I have been stuck in a flood zone for over a week now... At one stage over the weekend our small town was surrounded by water and access was cut to the larger town a few mins down the highway... There was a run on the super market too... people went crazy buying chips, chocolate, frozen food, coke, and more! The line for the checkout went all the way around the edge of the store and almost out the front door! It was simply crazy stuff! A week on and there is no bread, fresh or UHT milk, no eggs and fruit and veg are more valuable than gold! Not to mention nappies and everything baby!! Half the town had their electricity cut on the weekend too... Thankfully we weren\'t one of those homes! Water was also cut because it was contaminated... Everything is such a mess... When u drive around, u can see trees pulled out by the roots, roads and bridges cracked and destroyed, fences bustered and parks ruined! Its devastating to see... Some people have lost everything! My family and I are so blessed!! we have plenty of food, shelter, power and water and even though we r flooded in we are not near the actual flood waters... My children were thankfully able to start school on Tuesday (many schools were closed).
They are say that the Fitzroy River will peak and re flood the bridge connecting Rockhampton to Gracemere some time today... I\'m keeping a eye on the ABC news so that I know when to pick my children up from school in Rockhampton and go home to Gracemere and b flooded in again... Sigh...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Was it just me? Or were the few weeks leading up to Christmas totally hard core FULL ON???!!
PHEW! Oh good! I wasn't alone!!

A few posts ago I told how I was deflated thinking that I had set myself up to fail by aiming too high... 
I did it! I surprised myself and everyone around me by completing 5 crochet beanies and about 12 ten minute table runners!!
For the beanies I made;
1 Teddy Bear
2 Flowers
2 Dinosaurs

The beanies went to my nieces and nephews and every couple in the family received a table runner as well as a block of chocolate... I really quiet enjoyed making those beanies... I ended up turning out one every two evenings of work!! 

The ten minute table runner pattern found on YouTube, after being informed of its existence by a fellow crafter and very dear friend... I watched the YouTube clip once and set about making many... 
I had only 4 more table runners to complete when i discovered that my silly machine threw a hissy fit after I changed the bobbin and wouldn't sew properly!! Something happened with the tension causing my thread to bunch on the underside of the fabric... I had already prepped and cut the fabric needed and it didn't seem to matter what I did, I couldn't seem to fix my machine... So I had to make do with what I had made... 
Now having thought on it and after discussing this situation with my MIL (Mother-In-Law) who by all rights and definition is one of the most amazing quilters I have the privilege of knowing and working with (not to mention the ability to steal all of her beautiful scraps, discarded projects and the like)... She suggested to me that maybe the issue of tension in my machine was due to my needle?? 
Mmmmm.... thinks I... Maybe...
So now I must wait till the end of the week when I return home and am able to confront my machine about her behavior, to see whether or not this is the case! 

Any hoo... This holiday period has been lovely, BUT I cant wait to get back to my crafty nook and simply BURST with ideas and stuffs that have been invading my head since I left home!! 

So for now... TTFN... Ta Ta For Now... xoxox 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Sick of being Sick!

It\'s around 2:30am... And I\'ve been up with two sick children... One is 7 and groans like he\'s been shot and is dying - though he only has a temp... And then my little baby (who, by the way is not really a baby at 2) who is covered in spots... Don\'t ask coz I don\'t know... The doctor we visited today said it is a tummy virus as she has loose poos but I\'m not so sure I believe that... So later today (when the sun has actually risen and people are alive) Ill take her to another doctor for a second opinion... They aren\'t itchy as far as I can tell though she is complaining about her eyes... Poor duckling is covered! Especially her face!!
I was sick not long ago with an ear infection... I\'m over being sick... I\'m over having to deal with it all!! I mean it summer for heavens sake!! Shouldn\'t you get sicker in winter?!! All I can say is that I pray I get rest tomorrow and get off kitchen duty!! ;D

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aiming too High...

Sup y'all?! 

HOLD THAT THOUGHT - Gotta change a dirty nappy... Hum a song for a moment would you?
S'all good... DONE!

Back too it...
Last month (that being October) I thought to myself, 
"Christmas is coming up! So why don't I make some gifts?" 
Harmless thought you say?? WHATEVER! I have 20 nieces and nephews! So after that realization I says to myself, "NO WAY!" Then the Hubbs suggests to take all of the children to the movies as their gifts! BRILLIANT me thinks!! But then it occurred to me that there will be three (from my side of the family - the rest are from Hubbs side) that live far away - as in Melbourne far away. So i thought, "I'll just make them a beanie to keep em cozy in winter. And that can be there present..."

Surely learning and making three crochet a beanies all by Christmas shouldnt be too difficult - I being pro at teaching myself how to make things and all... 

This is what I wanted to make...

It started off good... But that is where all the goodness stopped...

Sigh... I really need to stop tooting my own horn when I cant back it up... 

I've been teaching myself from YouTube videos for over a week now... So far I've made an adult side beanie and a newborns beanie 

It doesn't even fit my two yr old... The top left corner is the adult one half done...

But cant seem to get a grasp on the toddler sized one... not only that, I seem to have done something wrong in the one that I'm working on now and its puckering as it were and wont sit right... Not to mention my darling daughter (3 1/2yrs) thought she'd be sooooo helpful by cutting my yarn off at the last stitch I did, successively undoing much of my work... 


I dont think that I'll get there by Christmas... I'm feeling rather discouraged...  :(


Monday, October 22, 2012

My Logo...

Tonight as I was tidying, I found a rubber stamp on the kitchen bench... I picked it up thinking,"The children have gotten into my room again! Bunch of little grubs!" Put it down and thought nothing else about it till it was about to be used as a weapon and confiscated it! I looked at the picture again, Then the idea came to me... That\'d be nice as a logo... I began thinking (as I fought with my children to put them to bed) how would I be able to do that?
After I put the children down I high tailed it to my crafting room to fiddle and play around... I put the stamp on paper then wrote "Maiden Tatters" down the side of it... I will tell you now, I sux at writing neatly, so set about finding another way to write my name prettily on the picture... In the end I took a photo of the stamp and used an app on my iPhone to write my name neatly on the picture... Sigh... I love my iPhone... As of now I\'m blogging in bed with it!! What would I do without it? Due likely as not!! Lol

Here is my new logo!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First Sale!!

Im sooooooo flaming excited! i sold something for actual currency! not just favours or lunch! For cold hard cash! And it felt dam good too! There! Stick it all of you who doubted me!! *happy dance* My first EVER sold quilt! I sold it for $75! What do you think? Was that too cheap? Who cares!? I don\'t! That money gave me to opportunity to make an overnight/ weekender bag!

And this a matching makeup purse!

I\'m feeling rather self satisfied!

Trystan xo