Wednesday, January 30, 2013

QLD Floods

I have been stuck in a flood zone for over a week now... At one stage over the weekend our small town was surrounded by water and access was cut to the larger town a few mins down the highway... There was a run on the super market too... people went crazy buying chips, chocolate, frozen food, coke, and more! The line for the checkout went all the way around the edge of the store and almost out the front door! It was simply crazy stuff! A week on and there is no bread, fresh or UHT milk, no eggs and fruit and veg are more valuable than gold! Not to mention nappies and everything baby!! Half the town had their electricity cut on the weekend too... Thankfully we weren\'t one of those homes! Water was also cut because it was contaminated... Everything is such a mess... When u drive around, u can see trees pulled out by the roots, roads and bridges cracked and destroyed, fences bustered and parks ruined! Its devastating to see... Some people have lost everything! My family and I are so blessed!! we have plenty of food, shelter, power and water and even though we r flooded in we are not near the actual flood waters... My children were thankfully able to start school on Tuesday (many schools were closed).
They are say that the Fitzroy River will peak and re flood the bridge connecting Rockhampton to Gracemere some time today... I\'m keeping a eye on the ABC news so that I know when to pick my children up from school in Rockhampton and go home to Gracemere and b flooded in again... Sigh...

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