Monday, October 22, 2012

My Logo...

Tonight as I was tidying, I found a rubber stamp on the kitchen bench... I picked it up thinking,"The children have gotten into my room again! Bunch of little grubs!" Put it down and thought nothing else about it till it was about to be used as a weapon and confiscated it! I looked at the picture again, Then the idea came to me... That\'d be nice as a logo... I began thinking (as I fought with my children to put them to bed) how would I be able to do that?
After I put the children down I high tailed it to my crafting room to fiddle and play around... I put the stamp on paper then wrote "Maiden Tatters" down the side of it... I will tell you now, I sux at writing neatly, so set about finding another way to write my name prettily on the picture... In the end I took a photo of the stamp and used an app on my iPhone to write my name neatly on the picture... Sigh... I love my iPhone... As of now I\'m blogging in bed with it!! What would I do without it? Due likely as not!! Lol

Here is my new logo!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First Sale!!

Im sooooooo flaming excited! i sold something for actual currency! not just favours or lunch! For cold hard cash! And it felt dam good too! There! Stick it all of you who doubted me!! *happy dance* My first EVER sold quilt! I sold it for $75! What do you think? Was that too cheap? Who cares!? I don\'t! That money gave me to opportunity to make an overnight/ weekender bag!

And this a matching makeup purse!

I\'m feeling rather self satisfied!

Trystan xo

Monday, October 1, 2012


My children and I have been invited to a Halloween party on the 31st of this month!! 
I'm sooooooooooo excited!! Even though we live in Australia and don't celebrate this holiday as largely as American's/ Canadian's do, there are some of us that love to do what we can to have some fun and dress up at the same time! And i like to use this as an excuse to goof off! 

I've already made plans for costumes for the children and for myself!! My SS (Sewing Sister - who also has been invited) and I have decided to make ourselfs into Pioneer Women!! 

Today we went together to Spotlight and picked up a pattern and fabric too, as well as the bits and bobs needed for our dresses... I'd post a picture but can't seem to do it from here... Boo!
My SS is coming with her children to play tomorrow - rather the children play and we cut out patterns!! I'm soooo excited!