Monday, October 1, 2012


My children and I have been invited to a Halloween party on the 31st of this month!! 
I'm sooooooooooo excited!! Even though we live in Australia and don't celebrate this holiday as largely as American's/ Canadian's do, there are some of us that love to do what we can to have some fun and dress up at the same time! And i like to use this as an excuse to goof off! 

I've already made plans for costumes for the children and for myself!! My SS (Sewing Sister - who also has been invited) and I have decided to make ourselfs into Pioneer Women!! 

Today we went together to Spotlight and picked up a pattern and fabric too, as well as the bits and bobs needed for our dresses... I'd post a picture but can't seem to do it from here... Boo!
My SS is coming with her children to play tomorrow - rather the children play and we cut out patterns!! I'm soooo excited!


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