Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Sale!

I made another sale!! BOOYA! 
A lovely lady that I know from church asked me to make her two nappy pouches to use for her little girls... She chose the fabrics she wanted and the style of pouch and then I made them! It was a simple as that! 

After the floods stunted my progress for several weeks, and a hitch or two with my sewing, but Im happy to say that they are off to their new home via express post! And will hopefully arrive very soon and be satisfactory! 

Alright, as for my boo boo... I had just finished sewing the pouch and went to turn it in the right way and zip it up only to discover to my utter horror that I had sewn the zip in upside down... sigh... I had no more fabric to do another pouch nor did I have another zip... Oh my... What to do?? I unpicked it all of course... there was nothing else I could do. 

I felt so silly!! Felt so DAFT!! lol! 

Anyways... Its done...

TTFN... Trystan... 

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