Monday, November 26, 2012

Sick of being Sick!

It\'s around 2:30am... And I\'ve been up with two sick children... One is 7 and groans like he\'s been shot and is dying - though he only has a temp... And then my little baby (who, by the way is not really a baby at 2) who is covered in spots... Don\'t ask coz I don\'t know... The doctor we visited today said it is a tummy virus as she has loose poos but I\'m not so sure I believe that... So later today (when the sun has actually risen and people are alive) Ill take her to another doctor for a second opinion... They aren\'t itchy as far as I can tell though she is complaining about her eyes... Poor duckling is covered! Especially her face!!
I was sick not long ago with an ear infection... I\'m over being sick... I\'m over having to deal with it all!! I mean it summer for heavens sake!! Shouldn\'t you get sicker in winter?!! All I can say is that I pray I get rest tomorrow and get off kitchen duty!! ;D

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